Sign language in Second Life:

Welcome to SLCSL(Sign Language Committee in Second Life). Thank you for your interest in our committee.

Second Life is evolving the diversity of communications. In that virtual world, we can talk with any people in not only text chat. You can use voice or video chat, or many kind of body languages in there.

Sign languages is a kind of highly developed body languages. So, we noticed sign languages was expressible by our avatars in SL.
Is it difficult to learn sign languages? No! You can learn it in SL, anytime. We would like that a lot of people have experiences of sign languages in Secod Life.

Now, we are making some of sign languages in Tokyo, Japan. All members of SLCSL are residents of Second Life, and they are volunteers. And we are financed by their contribution.

We hope you can enjoy your life in SL, and your experiences of sign languages.

Thank you again.

             lunaluna Runo, Representative of SLCSL

* Second Life (SL) is a virtual world developed by Linden Lab in United States.

About "Gesture"

You can make your original animations in Second Life. We call them "Gesture", and we are making sign languages in SL by Gesture.
It is possible to be easily learning sign languages. If you will use sign languages, you can communicate with any people from your hand and expression. It will be wonderful experiences for you.

Sign Languages in SL:

In our real world, the expression of sign language is 3D. If you would like to learn sign languages by yourself, you have to use text books or videos. It is hard to learn details of sign languages, because they are just 2D.
But, Second Life is 3D. We can use 3D expressions very easily in this virtual world. You can see it from all directions as you like.
On this web site, you can see some videos of the sign languages in Second Life. When you will see these videos, you will understand to be able to learn sign languages easily.
We will make various Japanese sign languages in Second Life. If they will help your study of sign languages, it will be wonderful for us.


Now, we can not use finger characters in Second Life, because we can not control of our avator's finger motion in there. However, some of our members are making finger languages in another way. We are studying finger languages in Second Life, and we need your ideas.