About sign language:

What is sign language?
You can understand what it is in Wikipedia. But I would like to talk about it.

It is my mother language because I am a deaf-mute. There is no sound in my world. When I was a child, I talked with my parents in simple sign. Now, I am an adult, and I have been in sign language world. It is my first language, so I think and act in it anytime. If you can hear anything, you will talk in your sleep with your voice. However, I talk in my sign language when I sleep. It is very important language for me.
The sign language world is my mother country.

It is so important language for all of deaf-mutes like me, but we are minority. In general, it is hard for us to talk with neighbors or any other people. In voice world, you can get many information from natural sound, but we can not.

One fine day, I got into Second Life. It was 2007. In this virtual world, people talked in text chat usually. It was barrier-free world. I got many good friends in Second Life, and they organized Sign Language Committee in Second Life (SLCSL). At first, they didn't know about sign language, but they studied it, and made some animations. These activities expanded sign language world, and they enjoyed it.

I'm very happy...because they would like to talk with deaf-mute in sign language. Their hope is our power. And I think it is wonderful if the sign language will be the language for "All people who need it" in Second Life. It will not be for minority.

Unexpectedly, many people in Second Life might make the free barrier where the region, language, culture, and thought.


                     =========Yumix Writer